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Advertising Solutions

Providers is a mobile app that helps 5 million+ EBT households save time and money. Our values-driven advertising platform connects users to highly-vetted consumer brands to deliver unparalleled results.

Trusted by 100+ consumer brands

From small businesses to enterprises, we partner with verticals across healthcare, utilities, grocery, and more.


Turn reach into results

The Providers platform is an opportunity to reach a highly engaged audience across the U.S.

80 million+

monthly visits to the app

$114 billion

SNAP spent nationwide on grocery in 2022

$91 million

saved by users on everyday expenses

3X average CTR

when compared to industry average CTR


Let's work together

To learn more about advertising opportunities, get in touch with our partnerships team.

Mission-driven. Measurable impact.

Strengthened by partnerships, Providers aims to improve the lives of millions of low-income families. Leverage our team’s expertise to drive your business goals while maintaining control of your spend.

Online sales
Lead generation
Brand awareness
App installs

113k+ Ibotta app installs

“Through testing different messaging and finding what resonates with [Providers] users, we've been able to scale our campaigns and drive a high volume of registrations through our partnership.”


Lily Gardener, Digital Marketing


2.8 million+ views on SaverLife

“I am a walking testimony that the program works, the program is real, and you DO save.”


Jessica, Providers User

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