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Reaching Medicare Advantage and Dual Eligible individuals was hard — until now

Easily reach a niche audience of over 1.5M Medicare Advantage and Dual Special Needs-qualified members by advertising on the Providers app

What is the Providers app?

While we often refer to healthcare professionals as "providers," the Providers app name was chosen for a different purpose — we exist to help EBT recipients provide for their households.

Our app is designed and intended for individuals who are looking for assistance managing their significant expenses (including selecting and purchasing health insurance) and is not intended for healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, etc.).


No other platform has a more highly concentrated audience of Medicare Advantage and Dual Eligible beneficaries

Advertising on Providers is the most effective way to reach this unique audience

1+ million

members rolling off of Medicaid who may qualify for the ACA exchange

1.5+ million

members currently receiving disability benefits 

6.5+ million

households which qualify for Medicaid or D-SNP benefits

Proven to engage high-value users

Advertising on the Providers App drives tens of thousands of qualified calls to health insurance providers every month at a fraction of the acquisition costs of other platforms.

Click-to-call capable
One tap connects a qualified D-SNP or Medicare Advantage beneficiary directly to your call center.

Advanced targeting

Target your audience by zip code, age, language, and more.

Medication redetermination
Reach a high-intent audience of 2.2 million+ households who have updated their contact information.

Want to know if advertising on Providers is right for you?

Talk to our healthcare partnerships team today to learn more.

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