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Propel's response to COVID-19.

Stepping up for SNAP families in a time of crisis and extreme need.

At Propel, we help low-income Americans improve their financial health. We do this by building modern, respectful, and effective technology, like Providers.


COVID-19 is having a devastating impact on low-income Americans. We’re working hard to reduce this impact for our 5 million Providers users:

Keeping our users informed

COVID-19 updates have been constant and confusing for all. Misinformation is rampant, and it's hard to keep up with policy changes and timelines. Many relief efforts that can benefit our users are underway across the private and public sectors.


Providers is a proven tool for clear and direct communication of critical information. We’re sharing national and state-specific policy updates with our users about SNAP and beyond. We're sharing carefully vetted resources and offers as well.

Do you know of any resources that low-income Americans should be aware of? 

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Helping our users access donations

At least 1 million families who use Providers need urgent help. They have no more checks coming in, little on hand, and never had the money to stock up.

We’re partnering with GiveDirectly to help our users access what they need most right now: cash.


Through this partnership, we will be able to quickly deliver $1,000 per household, limited only by what we can fundraise.

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