Reach budget conscious grocery shoppers via Fresh EBT

Fresh EBT is a free mobile app that helps over 4 million low-income families manage their SNAP benefits and finances. Through the app, users can access daily savings, income-eligible programs, and local employment opportunities, all available from partner organizations.


Increase brand awareness and propensity-to-buy through content marketing

Through direct advertising, Fresh EBT helps grocery retailers reach an audience of millions of verified low-income households with value brand media. Partnering with Fresh EBT exposes grocers to target shopper audiences that can’t be found anywhere else.

Fresh EBT promotes the following in collaboration with partners:

Payment of online grocery with SNAP EBT card

Payment of grocery with SNAP EBT card at pickup

Customer & product research surveys

Custom-branded content zones

Sponsored recipe media

Drive both e-commerce and in-store sales with a targeted EBT audience

Fresh EBT helps grocery retailers drive online and in-store sales with low-income families by providing direct access to EBT shoppers. For example, grocers can partner with Fresh EBT to offer targeted discounts and launch co-branded sales campaigns in partnership with CPG brands.

Case Study: Building brand affinity with low-income shoppers via recipe media

Food brands have been searching for avenues to support low-income customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the spring and summer of 2020, several major brands engaged Fresh EBT to build a direct connection with low-income families impacted by the crisis.

Fresh EBT collaborated with brands to launch custom in-app campaigns that highlighted affordable sponsored recipes, cooking tips, geo-targeted coupons, and more to help families cook at home on a budget. Several brands also took the opportunity to survey Fresh EBT users on their cooking preferences to develop custom content tailored to a low-income audience.

Expanding brand reach and engaging shoppers


unique engagements on brand media


average shoppers reached

The custom campaigns connected 128,000+ cash-strapped households with food brand media, generated 137,000+ views of sponsored recipes, and resulted in 2,700+ data points on food purchasing and consumption behaviors. The average brand campaign reached over 1 million families across the nation within a one-month period.

By running targeted marketing campaigns in Fresh EBT, food brands have been able to build affinity with millions of consumers, eliminating the lift of identifying low-income customers online and increasing the impact of their media investments.

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