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Reach Medicaid-eligible households via Providers

Providers is a free mobile app that helps over 5 million low-income families manage their SNAP benefits and finances. Through the app, users can access daily savings, income-eligible programs, and local employment opportunities, all available from partner organizations.

Providers healthcare ad performance insights:


CTR for display ads

in 2020


unique monthly engagements per campaign in 2020


users reached per



Driving healthcare plan enrollments through display marketing

Through display advertising, Providers helps healthcare companies reach an audience of millions of verified low-income households. Our healthcare partners launch advertising campaigns highlighting affordable and quality healthcare services.

Providers promotes the following in collaboration with healthcare partners:

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 Government healthcare plan benefits

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Open enrollment campaigns

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Customer & product research surveys

Capture qualified Medicaid leads with a targeted SNAP audience

The overlap in eligibility between SNAP and Medicaid in Medicaid expansion states provides insurers the opportunity to improve the effectiveness of marketing and lower member acquisition costs (source). Through direct advertising to SNAP audiences in Providers, healthcare partners can generate a higher volume of qualified leads and enrollments.


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