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SNAP Households Survey -
January Results

Providers (formerly Fresh EBT) is a free mobile app that helps over 5 million low-income families manage their SNAP benefits. To understand how the circumstances in the lives of Providers users are changing, we have been conducting surveys each month.

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January 2022 key findings

The following insights come from a 10-minute multiple choice and open response survey conducted by Providers to a random sample of 4,166 of over 5M Providers users from January 1 - January 14, 2022. All respondents are EBT cardholders.







Every single measure of food insecurity and hardship increased in January.

Source: Random sample of Providers users

Providers users reported higher food insecurity and hardship across all measures.

In the past 30 days have you…

30% skipped meals

8pp since last month

33% decided to not pay a bill

8pp since last month

38% eaten less

19% relied on others for meals

7pp since last month

8pp since last month

21% visited a food pantry

8pp since last month

13% gone without prescription medicine

14pp since last month

I'm just worried that the extra food stamps we are receiving will stop and fall from over $450 down to the $20 we originally get. With the price going up on food and gas. I don't have enough money left out of my check for extras, such as much-needed food.

Providers user, Pennsylvania



December Child Tax Credit payment again reduced housing, food, and financial insecurity.

Source: Random sample of Providers users

The December Child Tax Credit reduced housing, food, and financial insecurity.

Families that received the December CTC payment were less likely to:

  • have been evicted;

  • have spent a night in a shelter;

  • not have most things they need in their homes;

  • not have visited the doctor because of cost;

  • have less than $25 on hand.

How are you planning this month’s budget knowing you will not receive a Child Tax Credit payment?

It’s been a significant burden not having that income moving forward. Being a single mom to 3 boys, starting a new job 2 months ago, I’m trying to get caught up on bills and debt and it just seems like a revolving door.

Providers user, Illinois

I really don’t know what ima do I’m trying to work but I’m always getting sick or my children due to Covid-19.

Providers user, Michigan



Nearly a quarter of employed users missed work due to illness in January.

Source: Random sample of Providers users

The portion of users reporting missing work due to illness spiked up in January.


of employed Providers users missing work because of illness (COVID or otherwise), a 43% increase from December.

Black and Latinx users were more likely to have missed work due to illness and Black respondents were nearly twice as likely:

Respondents that missed work due to illness



63% of Providers users owe money on their utilities and other bills.

Source: Random sample of Providers users

Providers users report carrying debt across a number of categories, but no more than on their utilities and other bills.

63% is the highest percentage in survey history.

Black respondents were more likely to owe on their utilities/other bills. Only 21% of Black respondents reporting owing nothing on their utilities compared to 25% of white respondents.

Respondents that owe nothing on their utilities

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