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JULY 2022

SNAP Households Survey
July Results

Providers is a free mobile app that helps over 5 million low-income families manage their SNAP benefits. To understand how the circumstances in the lives of Providers users are changing, we have been conducting surveys each month.

July 2022 hero.png

July 2022 key findings

The following insights come from a 10-minute multiple choice and open response survey conducted by Providers to a random sample of 3,404 of over 5M Providers users from July 1 - July 14, 2022. All respondents are EBT cardholders.







More Providers users are living in unstable housing than ever before.

Source: Random sample of Providers users

14% of Providers users are living in unstable housing.

This is the highest level in survey history.

Unstable housing graph July 2022.png

of users say they probably won’t be able to stay in their current housing for the next 30 days; up 12% from June.


of users say they will not be able to stay in their current housing for the next 30 days; up 10% from June.



Fewer Providers users are paying rent on time, especially users of color.

Source: Random sample of Providers users

39% of Providers users paid July rent or mortgage on time.

The percentage of users paying their rent or mortgage on time has declined 11% between May and July.

Late rent and mortgage payment chart July 2022.png

I just recently had family loan me money to catch my rent up as I was afraid to get an eviction. I have been getting … groceries [from family] as all my earned money goes to trying my best to keep a roof over our heads as I am living paycheck to paycheck barely making it.

Providers user, Michigan



Utility shut offs spiked up from June to July.

Source: Random sample of Providers users

9.69% of users had their utilities shut off in July.

The percentage of users reporting that their utilities were shut off increased by 20% since last month.

Utilities shut off (past 30 days) July 2022.png

Black users were the most likely to have experienced a utility shut off and least likely to have paid their utility bills in full in the past 30 days.

Utilities shut off July 2022.png

DSS helped me on my light bill. If I would have not gotten the help I would have no lights or anything. I really appreciate what they have done but I am still out of work and don't know what I am going to do this month. I normally go give plasma but I have not had a ride lately

Providers user, North Carolina

We cannot afford rent PLUS electricity without not paying something else. This new electric bill is $700. The first $612 bill was due today. My city has only one choice for electricity. They gave me a 3 day extension. 3 days. And they will cut the power and water completely.

Providers user, Florida



Every measure of food insecurity increased again.

Source: Random sample of Providers users

All measures of food insecurity increased for the second month.

The portion of users reporting skipping meals and eating less both rose by 6% since last month.

Food insecurity July 2022.png

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