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Fresh EBT partners with companies that help our users save and earn money. We connect users to daily savings, highly-vetted service offers, local employment opportunities, and discounts and services from public sector partners. 


Who Partners With Fresh EBT?

Services and opportunities advertised on Fresh EBT must provide tangible value to users and will be carefully vetted by our team. Examples include:

Allow users to save immediately on groceries

Connect users to jobs and income-generating opportunities 

Provide opportunities to save money on basic services (discounted utilities) 

Help users save and earn (low-cost recipes, free events)

Our impact

Fresh EBT is used by millions of low-income Americans every month to improve their financial health. To date, Fresh EBT has helped users stretch their resources for an extra two days of food per month, save $20 million+ in grocery expenses, and apply for over 120,000 local job opportunities.

Reaching low-income families with rewarding savings opportunities through Fresh EBT

SaverLife, a national nonprofit, has a mission to inspire and empower millions of Americans to save money. The organization offers an innovative platform that allows working families to take control of their financial future.

Let's work together

To learn more about advertising opportunities, get in touch with our partnerships team.

To get more information on our advertising specs and inventory, download our one-pager.

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