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SNAP Households Survey August Results

The following insights come from a 10-minute multiple choice and open response survey conducted by Providers to a random sample of 4,112 of over 5M Providers users from August 1 - August 14, 2022. All respondents are EBT cardholders.

SNAP Households Survey August Results

Debt rose across every category we track in August.

Providers users are carrying more debt across every category we track. Users with credit card debt rose to 41%, the highest level since May 2021.

"Estuve sin alimentos y me faltaron $300 para completar el pago de renta. Tuve que ir a Amscot a pedir un cash advance el cual tengo que pagar y volver a quedarme corta y volver a Amascot y así vivir de cheque en cheque. Ahora con el regreso a clases no se como compraré las cosas para la escuela de mis dos hijos."
"I was without food and $300 short of my rent payment. I had to go to Amscot to ask for a cash advance which I have to pay and fall short again and return to Amascot and thus live paycheck to paycheck. Now with the return to school I don't know how I will buy the school things for my two children." Providers user, Florida


Providers users who report borrowing or using credit rose 7% from July.

Providers users are carrying more debt across every category we track.

I haven't been fortunate enough to help others. I have one sister here and thankfully she has been able to let me borrow money for bills. She is now struggling because all of the help she has given me. Providers user, North Carolina


61% of Providers users reported starting August with less than $25 on hand.

This is a 5% increase from last month and has been steadily rising since March 2022.

I would like to be able to pay my utilities bills and not worry about them being a month behind all the time and my car insurance, I would love to be able just maybe spend one weekend with my 15 year old son and just be able to do something together without the worry. I lost my husband of 40 years last April due to a stroke, and life just drains me trying to survive. Providers user, Kentucky


Enrollment in the new Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) increased 17% from July to August.

ACP is a new program that offers $30 off internet to SNAP households.

Propel began sharing extensive in-app information about ACP in May, including soliciting and answering FAQs from users. Ultimately, Propel drove 1 million clicks to by the end of July.

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