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SNAP Households Survey February Results

The following insights come from a 10-minute multiple choice and open response survey conducted by Providers to a random sample of 4,055 of over 5M Providers users from February 1 - February 14, 2023. All respondents are EBT cardholders.

SNAP Households Survey February Results

Providers users are going hungry as states phase out emergency SNAP deposits. 

  • For the first time since emergency allotments began, users from states still issuing extra benefits and those from states that have discontinued them are equally likely to be skipping meals and spending extra money beyond benefits on food.

  • The gap in all food insecurity measures between states issuing emergency allotments and those that are no longer issuing them has nearly closed.

“Losing benefits is going to be a huge blow. We will just have to eat a lot less. I’ll make sure my son eats even if that means I have to skip a meal here and there.” — Providers user, Colorado

“I am going to lose $258 a month. I’m very worried about how I’m going to survive. I’m diabetic and have to eat regularly.” — Providers user, Illinois
  • Over 91% of users report their basic monthly food purchases cost more than they did a year ago

  • The percentage of users who reported eating less, visiting food pantries, worrying about food running out, and running out of food all rose from January to February


For the second consecutive month, shelter stays spiked to record levels. Eviction rates are also up.

  • The percentage of Providers users who reported spending at least one night of the previous month in a shelter broke 6% for the first time.

“My credit cards are maxed out, there’s hardly any work now with reduced days and hours, and I’m running out of options. My rent is two months overdue now with late fees adding up. And I have eviction notices on my door threatening me. All of it is overwhelming.” - Providers user, Florida

  • 9% of users were evicted or foreclosed in the last month, a 9% increase from January.


Fewer Providers users are borrowing money. They also have more money on hand.

  • For the first time in the past year, the percentage of users who borrowed money or used credit in the last month fell below 50%.

  • Borrowing across all categories–borrowing from friends of family, owing back rent or mortgage, owing on utilities and other bills, and credit card debt– also decreased from January to February.

  • 56.8% of Providers users reported having less than $25 on hand, the lowest level since April 2022.

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