We're making America's safety net more user-friendly

We build software for low-income Americans who are often overlooked by traditional tech innovation.


Fresh EBT helps you manage benefits, save money, and earn income

Our current focus is food stamps, a $70 billion program that reaches 40 million Americans.


Instantly check your EBT balance

Create a Fresh EBT account and never call to check your balance again. 


Save money with coupons

Clip coupons for your favorite stores and brands.


Find jobs and earn income

Explore job posts and other money-making opportunities.


A year in the lives of SNAP households

The past year brought an unprecedented level of hardship and uncertainty. For low-income Americans, who were already barely getting by, the sudden economic fallout triggered by the global coronavirus pandemic was devastating.

Security and privacy built into all our products


We never sell your personal information to anyone.


We use encryption to keep your data private and secure.


We never store sensitive information like EBT card numbers.

Why people love Fresh EBT 

The app makes it easy to control your spending. It also lets you know where you do the most spending. It saves time.

Adam M.

Fresh EBT is a need, expecially for people that can’t call on there phone or hear. How else would they be able to know there balance unless they see it?

Lisa P.

I’m forgetful and tend to misplace my receipts so this app helps keep my amount available at the touch of my phone screen.

Antoinette S.


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