We're making America's safety net more user-friendly

We build software for low-income Americans who are often overlooked by traditional tech innovation.


Our free mobile app Providers helps users manage their benefits, save money, and earn income.


Over 5 million people in all 50 states and 3 territories use Providers.

Instant EBT balance-checking

Real-time access eliminates the need to call a 1-800 number

Tailored offers that save money

Coupons and resources help our users make it through the month

New opportunities to earn and advance

Job postings suit different schedules, from quick gigs to full-time work

Important updates about benefits

Alerts to relevant policy changes and new programs keep our users informed


A year in the lives of SNAP households

The past year brought an unprecedented level of hardship and uncertainty. For low-income Americans, who were already barely getting by, the sudden economic fallout triggered by the global coronavirus pandemic was devastating.

In the press


“[Providers] makes you feel like it’s normal to need help...it’s like somebody behind the screen is looking out for us. You feel like they care.”


Why people love Providers 

The app makes it easy to control your spending. It also lets you know where you do the most spending. It saves time.

Adam M.

It makes it a lot easier to check my balance without having to dig out my card from my bag or be embarrassed pulling it out in public.

Andreea C.

I’m forgetful and tend to misplace my receipts so this app helps keep my amount available at the touch of my phone screen.

Antoinette S.