Mission driven

Propel builds modern, respectful, effective technology that helps low-income Americans improve their financial health. 

Our values

Listen first

We approach our work with humility and the acknowledgement that there's a lot we don't know. We don't pity or look down on low-income families - instead, we take inspiration from their resilience and ensure that they have a seat at the table.

We're doers, not philosophers

We have a bias towards action. Though we may design with an ideal world in mind, we release for the world we live in - and we ship and iterate relentlessly.

Embrace a growth mindset

The problems we need to solve tomorrow will be different from the ones we solved yesterday. We approach our work with a desire to learn and improve every day.

Light up at our mission

All of us at Propel have a strong sense of duty and responsibility to execute on this mission and succeed on behalf of our users.

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe that a diverse team drives us towards the best product and business decisions in the long run.


The people that we serve are diverse in many ways - gender, age, race, sexual orientation, religion, disability status, and more. We explicitly aim to reflect that with our team composition, though we aren’t there yet. That’s why we are actively working to make sure our job descriptions are inclusive, our sourcing nets are widely cast, and our interview process is equitable and fair to all.


We particularly value those with lived experiences around financial hardship and safety net programs. While people from all backgrounds can contribute to Propel’s mission, we know that those who come from the communities we serve have an incredibly powerful and unique perspective.

Our team

At Propel, team members have the opportunity to do the things they love to do, all while making a social impact and learning from smart, motivated, and caring people. So, if you're in the business of being you and doing social good, join Propel, the team of bread makers, basketball lovers, potters, parents, yogis, gamers, weightlifters, singers, photographers, makeup artists, and Dragon Ball Z fans.

Benefits & Perks

Generous vacation policy

20 vacation days. These days are meant for trips, vacations, time with family, etc. You have our support to be off the map, unconnected and unavailable.

12 week parental leave

You can take them flexibly over the first year (in collaboration with manager).

Unlimited sick days

Life happens. These days are reserved to give you the energy to bounce back when you need it the most.

New tech tools

All new employees get a laptop computer. After two years, the computer is yours and your budget replenishes.

Healthcare and a 401k

We've got your medical, dental, vision, and a 401k. Plus, we match your 401k up to 5%.

Dog friendly

Bring your dog to work! Here at Propel, dogs are more than welcome as long as they aren’t disruptive to the work environment.

Design Director

Business Development Associate

Product Operations Manager

Public Partnerships Manager

Senior Software Engineer

Content Lead

Senior Software Engineer


Business Development Manager

Associate Product Manager

Business Development Analyst

Lead Designer

Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

Product and Growth

Software Engineer

Software Engineer

SVP Business Development


Business Development Manager


Head of Policy & Partnerships

People Operations Manager


Team Mascot


Team Mascot


Team Mascot


Team Mascot

Our mission is core to our ethos as a company so that resonated with me when I joined. While we love data, we’re not just about the bottom line, so an empathetic spirit and an open mind to different perspectives or lived experiences is key to helping us build a great product and a great team.

Kaela Gallo

Lead Designer

Lead Designer

Why do I love my job? 1. Good work: Social-driven software for a traditionally overlooked demography 2. Good tech: TypeScript, Vue.js, Terraform, Ansible, Fargate, RDS 3. Good people: smart, hardworking, kind, fun (and no a**holes) 4. Good dogs: they’re so cuddly

Ilya Kamens

Software Engineer

I love my job because I get to play a role in building a product that over 2 million people use to help improve their lives, and I get to do it with some of most fun, compassionate, and intelligent people I know!

Cherie Chung

Business Associate

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