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Over 5 million households start their shopping trips on the Providers app

Advertising on Providers is the most efficient and effective way to reach high-intent SNAP shoppers

No other platform can give you this level of access into the $114bn SNAP market

Increase EBT transactions online and in-store by promoting deals and offers to millions of highly engaged shoppers.

A mobile device with an example of the Providers app. The emphasis is on an advertisement by Walmart, promoting their eligibility for EBT online and in-store. The advertisement says, "Walmart Grocery: Delivery and pickup. $35 cart minimum for delivery and pickup, $7.99 delivery fee, and free curbside pickup."

20% uplift

in SNAP spend achieved advertising on Providers

$32.7 billion

in SNAP spend influenced by Providers each year


monthly visits to our high-intent Grocery Hub

Harnessing the Power of SNAP EBT Online: Why Top Retailers are Investing

Download our latest ebook to learn:

  • What is SNAP EBT online

  • Why SNAP EBT is on the rise

  • Why invest in SNAP EBT online

  • How to launch a successful SNAP EBT program at your stores

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Increase your share of the SNAP market by making it easier for our users to shop your stores

Convert SNAP users into loyal shoppers by:

Targeting users by proximity to your stores and other useful demographics

Placing focused ads and discounts right where users check their EBT balance

Giving our users easy, one-tap access into your mobile-optimized site

Reach high-intent SNAP shoppers on Providers

Talk to our partnerships team today to build your custom advertising plan.

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