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Reach EBT grocery shoppers

The Providers app is the #1 rated app for EBT balance checking. More than 5 million households use our app to manage their SNAP benefits to buy groceries.

Drive your omnichannel strategy with direct access to EBT shoppers

Increase EBT transactions online and in-store by promoting deals and offers to millions of highly engaged shoppers.

A mobile device with an example of the Providers app. The emphasis is on an advertisement by Walmart, promoting their eligibility for EBT online and in-store. The advertisement says, "Walmart Grocery: Delivery and pickup. $35 cart minimum for delivery and pickup, $7.99 delivery fee, and free curbside pickup."

20% uplift

in EBT spend from a retailer who advertised with us

$32.7 billion

total EBT spend with Providers


monthly visits to our high-intent Grocery Hub

AdobeStock_336103036 1.png

Increase brand awareness and transaction volume through content marketing

Promote your value proposition through:

Display ads for online and in-store grocery

Customer and product research surveys

Sponsored recipes

Ready to get started?

Reach out to our team to learn more.

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