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SNAP Households Survey February Results


Providers users are going hungry as states phase out emergency SNAP deposits. In addition, shelter stays have spiked to record levels and eviction rates are up.

Feb 2023 HPS Results.png

Monthly User Insights

We survey households every month to understand how external factors like a changing economy, public health, and policy interventions impact families. Around 5,000 of our users answer questions and share their thoughts about accessing new government benefits, employment, housing, and food insecurity.

In-depth reports

We regularly do deep-dives on the many issues users face in making it through the month, every month.


2022: A Year of Change and Challenge


Pandemic-related food benefits are helping users cope with new challenges, but their days are numbered


“I honestly don’t know how I am going to get by”: Parents are grappling with the loss of the monthly Child Tax Credit


The Child Tax Credit is bringing “a sense of security and relief” to parents


Why does food insecurity persist despite pandemic-related expansions to benefits?

In the Media

We often work with media outlets to connect our users with journalists that can highlight their stories. See a selection of recent pieces featuring our users below.


More Americans receiving government food assistance said they lost their homes last month, according to a new survey by software firm Propel Inc., just as an emergency benefit expires for tens of millions of people. 

March 7, 2023


Here’s why millions of Americans will lose $3 billion in monthly food stamp benefits starting in March

Putting food on the table will be a lot harder for millions of Americans starting in March. Food stamp recipients will each receive about $90 a month less in benefits, on average, as a pandemic hunger relief program comes to an end nationwide three years after Congress approved it.

March 1, 2023


Credit card holders get protection from fraud. Shouldn't EBT users too?

A few years ago, someone stole my card information and took over $100. You’d assume the bank or credit card company would reimburse that fraud, right?

Feb. 15, 2023

Civil Eats

‘It’s Not Enough.’ SNAP Recipients Struggle Amid High Food Prices

In October, individuals who receive food assistance benefits saw the biggest increase in decades due to inflation. But many are still struggling to afford food.

Dec. 12, 2022

Partner Research

Research on users from our partner organizations.


Julieta Cuéllar

Lifting Children Out of Poverty Takes More Than Access to Government Programs; It Demands Focus on User Experience


Ariel Kennan, Sara Soka, and Katie Sullivan

Accessible Benefits Information: Reducing Administrative Burden and Improving Equitable Access through Clear Communication About Safety Net Benefits


Southern Economic Advancement Project

Two years into pandemic, Southerners’ struggle with housing weighs heavy as lawmakers begin ARP spending plans


Julieta Cuéllar

The Tech-Enabled Social Safety Net: A Case Study of the EBT System


Andrew Hills

Salience through Information Technology: The Effect of Balance Availability on the Smoothing of SNAP Benefits


Wendy De La Rosa, Joanne Yeh

Managing SNAP (Food Stamps) Efficiently


Natasha Pilkauskas, Katherine Michelmore, Nicole Kovski, H. Luke Shaefer

The Effects of Income on the Economic Well-Being of Families with Low Incomes: Evidence from the 2021 expanded Child Tax Credit

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