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Can an app make a positive impact on an EBT cardholder’s overall financial health?

A recent survey shows that the majority of users see an improvement in their overall financial wellbeing as a direct results of using the Providers app.

Can an app make a positive impact on an EBT cardholder’s overall financial health?

We worked with research firm 60 Decibels, experts in social impact insights, to measure how the Providers app impacts its users' finances.
60 Decibels conducted 10-minute phone surveys with a random sample of 50 Providers users in November 2023. All respondents are EBT cardholders.


Survey reveals improvement in financial health for 68% of Providers app users

  • The most frequently mentioned driver of this improvement is financial empowerment (22% of survey respondents).

  • Half of the users report that the time spent worrying about finances has decreased, and 40% report that their savings have increased.

  • Relatedly, 60% of users report an increase in their sense of control over their finances.

Providers users appreciate how the app saves them time, money, and hassle:

“Now I am able to know what I am spending in the store, make better healthy choices. I can do things I was not able before because they have coupons to the stores I go to.”
“I am able to see my food stamps and direct deposit at the same time. It is easy to save on the Providers app.”
“The app makes managing my finances easier, all in one place.”


Providers scores big on user satisfaction

The Providers app has a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 88. NPS is a measure of satisfaction and loyalty. This score is in the top 20% in 60 Decibels’ research database*, and surpasses the typical 40-75 NPS range for banking products, based on 2020 Qualtrics data.

*Sample includes 681 companies, 70 countries, 270,646 respondents.

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