Drive engagement in residential utility programs with Fresh EBT

Fresh EBT partners with organizations that help our users save and earn money. We connect users to daily savings, highly-vetted service offers, local employment opportunities, and discounts and programs from public sector partners.


Reach low-income utility customers seeking opportunities to reduce energy use

Fresh EBT works with utility and energy partners who want to reach their low-income customers with energy-saving opportunities and income-qualified programs.  Programs and offers advertised on Fresh EBT must provide a tangible opportunity to save money or energy in the home. Examples include: 

Financial assistance programs

Discounted or free access to energy-related products 

Energy efficiency programs

Information that helps users learn how to save energy in the home

Achieve greater energy savings by targeting energy-intensive customers

Fresh EBT has helped users stretch their resources for an extra day of food per month, save $15 million+ in grocery expenses, and apply for over 75,000 local job opportunities.

Through our partnerships, we help energy partners identify and reach their income-qualified customers for high-value programs that deliver energy savings and help keep the lights on at home.

Case study: Engaging Con Edison customers in energy efficiency

In 2019, Con Edison has collaborated with Fresh EBT to promote their Neighborhood program and provide Con Edison customers who receive SNAP benefits with an opportunity to save energy through free LED lightbulbs.

Since Con Edison began sharing information on the Neighborhood program to select Brooklyn and Queens zip codes, more than 1,200 Con Edison customers who are SNAP recipients have clicked on the offer since the campaign began in late August. This program is helping Con Edison manage the grid as a part of its Non-Wires Solutions Program that aims to reduce grid need in targeted areas.

By running this highly targeted in-app campaign, Con Edison has been able to help even more customers gain control of their energy use and manage their monthly bill.  

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