MAY 2021

SNAP Households Survey -
May Results

Fresh EBT is a free mobile app that helps over 4 million low-income families manage their SNAP benefits. To understand how the circumstances in the lives of Fresh EBT users are changing, we have been conducting surveys each month.



Tax filing rates suggest that a quarter of eligible Fresh EBT households may not start receiving Child Tax Credit payments in July.

Source: Random sample of Fresh EBT users

Only 59% of Fresh EBT users reported that they had filed taxes in 2021 by May.

Among users with children under 18, those who are likely eligible to start receiving monthly Child Tax Credit payments in July, 74% had filed taxes in 2021. 

A Fresh EBT user in Tennessee said what a permanent, expanded Child Tax Credit would mean to them:

I would be so grateful because we would not have to need anything. We wouldn't have to worry about bills or worry about clothes or shoes for the kids. We wouldnt have to worry about things that could happen like our vehicle breaking down. We would be able to have everything we need and even able to save which we've never been able to do.